3 Millennial Founders To Follow In 2018

3 Millennial Founders To Follow In 2018

Each year the Next Gen Summit connects some of the brightest Millennials in the world. The great minds that attend are all working on some of the hottest startups in technology, education health and more.

Rob Farjardo (A Millennial influencer featured in Forbes) attended the last Next Gen Summit and listed 50 of the most promising Founders for 2018 - you can view his list here.

We decided to pick out our favourite tech Millennial  Founders and share them with you:

1. Jeremy Cai

Startup: OnboardIQ

Twitter: @jeremycai

OnboardIQ is already a leading hiring automation platform for large scale hourly workforce screening.

Amazingly, Jeremy has raised $11m and has generated customers in 700+ cities.

With this success, OnboardIQ are looking to grow this year and it will be exciting to see how Jeremy can push the business further.

2. Robert Harary

Startup: OneH

Twitter: @robertharary

OneH connects businesses with investors based on what they have in common.

Robert was one of the youngest angel group managers in the US through the firm he founded in his senior year of high school, GlassHorse Ventures.

OneH is currently raising their seed to help with their own growth. With Robert’s background, OneH is sure to be a success.

3. Blake Marggraff

Startup: Epharmix

Twitter: @blakemarggraff

Epharmix helps healthcare providers increase patient engagement and outpatient care.

Blake and his team are doing this by leveraging rare data to help move the healthcare industry from reactive to preventative.

With big ambitions for 2018 the team are aggressively hiring.

These are 3 Millennial Founders that are exciting us. Who will you be keeping your eyes on in 2018?

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