Tom's 4 Hacks to revamp your employer brand

Tom's 4 Hacks to revamp your employer brand

Before taking any actions to revamp your employer brand you need to ensure you have an established EVP.

An EVP is your employer value proposition - your EVP is your unique set of values, offerings and associations that your business stands by.

The reason why this part is so important is because it represents what your existing and future employees can expect from you and the business.

Creating and living by an EVP will require investment (time and resource) from every level of your start up but when done properly, you’ll reap many benefits such as talent attraction and retention.

It’s important that your EVP is an authentic representation. There is no point having an amazing brand and marketing campaign if the reality that faces a new employee doesn’t meet those expectations, as they will soon leave.

Once you have an EVP in place, we can begin to revamp your employer brand.

Here are 4 quick employer branding methods that will help you attract and retain top talent.

Enrol all of your employees

Encourage existing employees to become engaged and spread the word through social media and events

By encouraging and empowering employees to create and share their own content, from the whimsical to deep technical thought pieces you help to build a very authentic message. It will also help companies to reach their employees networks and connections with the right message.

An employer brand needs to be an authentic voice and having real people with real voices will elevate your employer brand. Your story shouldn’t come from one person.

Tell your story through mixed media

Using images, videos and GIFS will really bring your story to life. Using mixed media is a sure fire way to keep an audience engaged, after all, a picture tells 1000 words and better demonstrates your character.  

Don’t feel you have to set up the perfect photoshoot either, get out into the company with your phone and get snapping.

Get your employees to do the same of everyday life at the business, people interacting, doing their jobs and having fun. You’ll be surprised what you get back and these images will be more intimate and authentic than a staged shoot.

Become a Thought Leader in your own space

Identify a space within your market that you can take ownership of - become a thought leader and make sure you’re the number one brand people think of.

Create as much valuable content for this space as possible. This can be fulfilled by using the expertise of your existing team.

Doing this will bring your business two key benefits; by positioning yourself as a thought leader you will attract top talent (the best want to work for the best!) and by asking employees to get involved with content creation, you are showing that you value them and what they bring to the business. This will help with retention rates.

Implement a CSR strategy

In today’s world, people care about what impact their employer is having on a local and global basis.

Past surveys have shown that people are willing to take a pay cut in order to work for a socially responsible business. The same surveys have shown that people are more willing to share CSR activities online.

By having a CSR strategy will lead to positive social interactions which will improve your employer brand.

Millennials love social responsibility, such as Tom’s one for one’ programme. It helps create a sense of purpose around the work you do and can be woven into your company's storytelling.  

It’s important to remember that employer branding should never be stagnant and as your business develops your employer brand will need to keep up.

Look to revamp your employer branding in cycles to ensure that you’re sharing a true reflection of your business and attract the next stage of talent you need.

Written by Tom Cowen, Principal. Tom has consulted for  Autonomous Intelligent Driving, BAE Systems and more.  If you’d like a discussion with Tom about building out a first rate effective team for your business, email us here.