London, England

"We were introduced to Scede just as our team needed to grow quickly.  At Bulb we set very high standards for the people we recruit and that, combined with the required hiring velocity, presented a significant challenge for the business.  We needed to both source and select candidates effectively, but also do it as efficiently as possible to balance the demands on an increasingly busy leadership team. Scede's embedded model enabled us to create a pipeline of high-quality candidates quickly and hire those candidates extremely efficiently.  Scede's work has now given us a platform to deliver end-to-end recruitment internally.  The experience Scede has with fast-growth businesses ensured they selected and set-up the right technology and recruitment systems for us.  They didn't lose sight of the immediate hiring needs, but also ensured everything they did was scalable by keeping an eye on the future.  I'd recommend Scede to any entrepreneurial business that needs support through a rapid expansion."

—   Hayden Wood, CEO