London, UK

"Scede stepped in at a moment of rapid expansion for Hailo when hiring was becoming a real bottle-neck that was limiting our growth.

We really liked the crisp way that they gained a clear view of both the Who and the What of what we needed, and assimilated our culture and standards into your thinking from the start as they 'embedded' into our team.

Once in place, as well as accelerating our recruitment flow, and developing a great self-sourced talent pipeline, they also did a great job of first sifting and then managing our existing agency recruiters to make them a more value adding channel when needed. And simultaneously helped improve our own internal staffing process and practices so that when the time came our own team could pick up the reins and keep things moving even while they were less involved.

Here at Hailo we would happily recommend Scede as a key support service for any rapid growth business, and we look forward to working with them again when the next 'bulge' comes."

—   Caspar Wooley, Founder & COO