3 Recruitment Trends Emerging for 2018

Posted on 30th October 2017

Some of the brightest minds in the talent world recently got together for Talent Connect 2017.

During one of the biggest talent events it was apparent through all the talks, workshops and seminars that there were 3 trends emerging ready for 2018.

The three key trends next year seem to be diverse hiring, storytelling and AI.

In today’s blog we’ll look at each key trend:

1. Diverse Hiring:

Diverse hiring looks set to become the top trend for shaping recruitment.

Diversity isn’t a new subject but with 82% of talent leaders stating that diverse hiring will be one of their key priorities next year.

For there to be real change in diversity, start ups need to have more honest and uncomfortable conversations.

The only way change will occur is by start ups getting ‘real’ and confronting key issues on race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities is through conversation and action.

Kimberly Bryant ( Founder of Black Girls Code) is deeply passionate about helping eradicate discrimination and believes that tech workers can be the difference by getting involved in mentorship.

If having a diverse team is important to you, we recommend you watch Yewande Ige’s session ‘Grabbing Bias by the Roots’.

2. Storytelling:

Finding the right candidate will always be vital in recruitment and in today’s world there is a plethora of sourcing strategies and tech tools available to make things easier.

However finding the right person is one thing. What about engaging with them?

In today’s competitive market, you need to convince candidates to join you and your team. This is where storytelling will come into play.

Although facts, figures and vision statements play an important role, you’ll need to engage with your prospect on an emotional level.

When reaching out to candidates demonstrate your humour and heart. Make content that candidates will actually care about.

You should be treating recruitment like marketing.

You wouldn’t expect your users to buy based on your mission statement. Your users buy because of the way your marketing efforts make them feel.

Talent is the exact same.

3. AI:

Jeff Weiner has named AI his top recruitment trend for next year.

LinkedIn will soon be releasing an AI enabled analytics tool called Talent Insights – this tool has been built to help Talent Managers and Recruiters find real time, in depth talent and stats and trends.

There is a popular thought that AI will be able to detect key signals that will let you know who is the right person for the job. Goodbye job applications.

There has been whispers that AI could replace Talent Managers but as previously mentioned storytelling through humour and heart will be key and the human touch will be needed more than ever.

Instead AI will simply change the way Talent Managers work by helping with chatbots, facial recognition (micro expressions etc) and NLP.

AI tools will make your Talent Manager more effective than ever.

Of course there were other trends predicted for 2018 (such as skill gaps and independent workers) but these topics seem to be the most popular with leaders such as Jennifer Carpenter, Ed Nathanson and Edith Cooper.

What do you predict will be the biggest recruitment trend to affect start ups?

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