3 Tips for Hosting an Event That Will Help With Your Recruitment Drive

Posted on 30th August 2017

In the world of LinkedIn, Skype and talent platforms, it’s very easy to source for tech talent.

But is it the most effective way to meet people, build relationships and grow your team?

The issue is, because it’s easy, everyone is doing it. This means that everyone is contacting the best tech talent the same way. Your approach isn’t unique.

With everyone sourcing online, perhaps it’s time to add an offline channel to your talent attraction strategy.

Here at Scede.io, we’ve seen the impact events can have on our client’s employer branding and how it can attract target candidates to their business.

Events are a great way to increase brand awareness and they also allow you to showcase what it’s like to work at your start up, your involvement in the tech community and the type of work you’re doing.

When we suggest events we don’t mean recruitment based events. Your event should be focused on adding value to your audience such as workshops or knowledge swap events.

Holding an event that only serves your needs will turn people off and they will stop attending your events. Provide real value and people will not only keep coming back, they will turn into candidates and brand ambassadors.

Use the event as opportunity to network and build real relationships, not just selling.

One of our newest Principles, Adam Bolton has tonnes of experience in running events with recruitment drives in mind (he’s the guy behind the amazing ID London events) and we thought we’d get him to share his top 4 tips for hosting an unforgettable event that will help your recruitment drive.

Tip 1: Make attendees feel comfortable; quite often people come on their own so always make an effort to know your attendees.

If someone is on their own engage with them and point them in the direction of some other attendees who use similar programming languages for a mingle.

Tip 2: Don’t make the event all about recruitment. It’s more important to give your brand a good image rather than focusing on the objective ‘let’s get 20 c# Developers to attend’.

If you run a good event and mention what you’re hiring for (without being pushy) you’ll get referrals which will help with your talent needs.

Tip 3: Probably the most important tip of the three.

Have a good reason for your event; if one already exists and is popular yours is unlikely to be successful.

Make sure you do some research before setting up an event. What is already popular, what is missing on the event scene and what upcoming trends do people want to explore?

Your theme sets the tone of your event with one overarching subject. It essentially lets your attendees know what they should expect from you and the event.

The theme should coordinate with your business objectives but also provide your audience with real value. If they haven’t learned something or haven’t had fun, they are unlikely to come back.

Follow these three simple steps and not only will your event go well but you’ll also be able to create a talent pool of top tech talent.

Before we leave, another important part to an event is branding – make sure you set a tagline, colour scheme and logo. Believe us, it makes a big difference.

We work with high growth gaming studios to ensure they hire the best staff for their companies and their environments. We work with you, on site, as part of your team. We’ve helped to build teams for Supercell, Klarna, Farmdrop and more. If you’d like help building your team, get in touch here .


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