Let’s scrap the word “Interview”

Posted on 21st July 2017

Have you ever been to an interview that felt like an interrogation?

Interviews are generally a one way conversation for 45 minutes. If you pass the ‘test’ you’re lucky enough to get a turn to speak and ask your own questions. But you’ll have to be quick because you only get 5 minutes!

Interviews are always so one sided. That needs to change.

Interviews should be a meeting of minds. An opportunity to determine if both parties are right for each other.

So I say let’s scrap the word “interview” and replace it with “meeting”.

Although this may seem like a small change. The use of language dramatically affects everything that we do and how we feel.

This one small change can completely change the mindset of both the interviewer and interviewee.

It automatically levels the playing field and encourages a collaborative conversation rather than an interrogation

We all know how hard today’s recruitment market is when attracting the top tech talent to your business, technology is evolving so why isn’t the way we are interviewing?

In today’s market, candidates are now interviewing the business as much as the interviewer is assessing the applicant.

It’s a 50/50 deal here so treat it like one.

If you meet a candidate who is excellent, keep in mind that they will have other opportunities to consider.

Great candidates know their worth and will be assessing each employer they meet. They will expect you to ‘wow’ them.

In football terms, if Lionel Messi suddenly came onto the transfer market wouldn’t you go all out to make him feel special to fend off the competition for his signature?

Hiring Managers should be flexible. Yes I know you’re very busy but so is the candidate. In reality, it’s easier for you to shuffle your time around internally than it is for a candidate to take time away from their role so try to be as accommodating as possible.

And if you do? The candidate will remember this and will see the company as being flexible which speaks volumes about the trust and culture you have.

The best hiring managers I’ve worked with are always open to interviewing candidates out of hours, either from home via a video call or on occasions will even go out of their way to meet them in a neutral place such as a coffee shop.

Remember to listen to the candidate. What do they “really” want from their next company and position?

This detail will help you understand if you can meet their needs. It will help you effectively present the role in order to meet their needs.

We’re all human beings and we all want to be heard and understood, it’s human nature. Too many hiring managers just don’t ask these simple questions.

If you have multiple people involved in interviewing the candidate then work with your team to build a consistent set of questions in your hiring process. That way you’ll better learn to effectively judge candidates.

Be sure you’re all on the same page for the questions you each cover, if you’re not then it could bore the candidate and look as if your own team doesn’t talk!

Showcase your company and interview process as “super friendly”. Let receptionists know when candidates are coming in – they can make a great first impression for you. They can be expecting them, they can ask if they found your office okay, they can even wish them good luck.

Let your team know that you have candidates coming in for meetings and ask them to lift their heads and smile as the candidates walk by.

It’s all simple stuff but I promise you it’s effective.

Once the interview is over it’s now time to make your hiring decisions and quickly.

Ideally, you need to make a decision within  24 hours!

Get your Recruiter to speak to the candidate before you extend an offer. This will help gauge how they are feeling, how interested they are and to reaffirm their salary expectation.

If you can, try and exceed these expectations. Don’t quibble over £1k or £2k on the offer, you want new team members to start happy and not come to you in 3 months time asking for a raise or worse still telling you they’ve been offered more at a rival company!

We work with high growth gaming studios to ensure they hire the best staff for their companies and their environments. We work with you, on site, as part of your team. We’ve helped to build teams for Supercell, Klarna, Farmdrop and more. If you’d like help building your team, get in touch here .


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