Lucy Gould Talks About Challenges In Tech Recruitment & More

Posted on 24th July 2017

Lucy Gould is a original and has helped major brands such as MAG Interactive, Wolt and Gumi Europe build incredible tech teams.

After an amazing week at Develop:Brighton we sat down with Lucy to talk about bucket lists, hiring advice and more.

You can check out her interview below:

Why did you join

As one of the first hires for I joined because of the quality of the team I would be joining.

I knew we would be able to work on amazing projects because of the experience of the team. Great brands want to work with great people. This was and still is an exciting prospect.

Not only have they come from the likes of Skype, Spotify and Google but they really do genuinely care about helping startups grow, not just ‘bums on seats’.

It truly is a unique place for unique recruiters.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Hands down it has to be finding someone their perfect job!

In today’s world finding the right role can be tricky and the job a candidate chooses can have major implications on both their career and personal life.

Helping a candidate get that decision right is really rewarding.

Thanks to’s unique model of embedding a Talent Partner into a start up, I also get to see the effects of the team I helped build.

Seeing a start up thrive because of great talent is incredibly fulfilling.

What’s the most common reason for a candidate to turn down a job offer? How can startups prevent this?

Most offers are rejected due to being offered a higher salary elsewhere.

Broadly speaking, the candidates who accept offers based on salary have different aspirations and motivations to what start ups typically look for.

This is why it is important to identify a candidate’s true aspirations and motivations early on in the recruitment process.

Generally, start ups look for people who have a passion for learning. Someone who enjoys autonomy, pace, agility and creativity.

If start ups can showcase; flexible working, awesome technology, progression and a talented team they should be able to attract the right type of candidate and see a decrease in rejected offers.

What’s your favourite recruitment tool?

ContactOut is now my best friend!

It’s a brilliant tool that can help you find the right contact information. The team here are always sharing cool tools, they’re much better than me at keeping on top of those things!

What is the biggest challenge in tech recruitment?

Any tech recruiter will know this, but it’s an ever evolving industry. If you take a break from tech for 6 months, it will be a different landscape when you come back.

Good companies strive to use the latest software, language or method to continually improve.  This results in higher demands for those skills, and only ever a small pool of people who have knowledge in those new areas.

You really have to have those honest and open conversations with your client about flexibility in skill set, otherwise, you can make your job nearly impossible. The perfect candidate is sometimes a diamond in the rough.

You have a real passion for L&D – can you talk us through that?

I really care about people and about their progression. I think this is what drew me to recruitment in the first place.

I’d never considered L&D until I spoke with Stephan Thoma, the ex Global Head of L&D at Google when he came to to deliver advisory work with our Leadership Team.

He helped me understand and drill down into what I really enjoy, what core values I held and which areas in my job I could upskill. It was like a light-bulb moment actually.

Both Recruitment and L&D focus on company and individual progression. To me, they both go hand in hand. Once you hire your talent, you need to progress them and keep them.

I’m still learning but my goal is for each of us to have a clear career vision and clear steps of how to get there by Autumn if not the end of the year.

When you’re not working, what do you get up to?

When I’m not in London or Stockholm, I live right by the sea down in Bournemouth.

Now the summer is here, I’ll be paddle boarding or swimming in the freezing water like a lunatic

I’m also about to learn Reiki and signing up to a part-time acting course.

As a child I loved using my imagination, I think everyone needs to go back to what they enjoyed as a kid sometimes.

First thing on your bucket list?

To swim with turtles. Every country I go to;  Kenya, Philippines, Sri Lanka, I always miss them! It’s like they’re actively hiding from me!

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