Ruzzle Maker MAG Interactive Raises $6M For Growth


The company behind Ruzzle is MAG Interactive, the Stockholm based studio that has been building apps since the app store launched in 2008.

Ruzzle has been downloaded by 45 million players who played a staggering 12 billion rounds, spending over 50 000 years in the game. It is played in 13 different languages and has been a top ten word game in 148 countries on App Store.

The company has firm plans to hire, growing beyond their current headcount of 22 people, as well as making their games a proper free-to-play experience Vs current premium model.

“With Ruzzle already having achieved top 10 rankings in 148 countries, we are extremely excited to be helping MAG Interactive hire the people that will build upon the great success they have achieved already.” Scott Leishman, Co-Founder, Scede.

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