turns 4 and reflects on key learnings

Posted on 30th June 2017

June is a special month for us because it’s our birthday!

This time 4 years ago we launched to help startups build great teams and staffing practice in Europe.

We recently set off on our 5th year of business with 100% of our client base coming via recommendations, 4 of our clients achieved a billion dollar valuation and 3 getting acquired. We have helped teams & companies scale in London, Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki & Serbia and we’ve opened hubs in London, Sheffield & Stockholm.

We’re very passionate about tracking our output for clients and have some wonderful stats based on the work we’ve completed over the past four years. If you’d like to take a look and learn more, get in touch here.

It’s amazing to think how much we’ve achieved in such a short space of time. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve these things if we didn’t have a culture and mindset of continuous improvement.

As you can imagine, 4 years and 29 projects later, we’ve managed to learn a lot on the way.

Today, in line with our 4th birthday we’d like to share our 4 key learnings:

  1. Writing great code is not everything. Companies now appreciate experience with continuous integration and delivery, test driven development, putting code in production and monitoring it and working within autonomous teams with a ‘you write it, you own it’ mentality.’
  2. “Great” means something different to every organisation. There isn’t a one size fits all method. Working with various clients has given us a new perspective which we can transfer to new clients. Having this exposure helps us adapt fast and make the right decisions that will help build great teams and cultures.
  3. No matter what stage your startup is, candidate experience is one of the most important aspects of recruitment. Testing matters, interviews matter but without a strong process that amazes people, you won’t get the best talent. It’s important to implement a recruitment process that ‘wows’ your potential employees.
  4. Partners effectively use agile methods to iterate and evolve and we’ve adopted that same practice in our hiring methods. We use agile methods, data and reporting to help us adapt to particular environments whether that be with young startups or established tech businesses.

We’ve said before that we are always looking to learn and develop as talent partners and can’t wait to see what we learn in the next four years.

We work with high growth gaming studios to ensure they hire the best staff for their companies and their environments. We work with you, on site, as part of your team. We’ve helped to build teams for Supercell, Klarna, Farmdrop and more. If you’d like help building your team, get in touch here .


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