What I learned Speaking at the Women in Games Conference

Posted on 1st October 2017

Our Principal Michelle was asked to introduce Rovio’s Mum Jam at the European Women in Games Conference and we thought it would be great to hear how she found the event:

European Women in Games Conference is a two day event with of a mix of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and the European Women in Games Hall of Fame Awards.

My client Rovio are committed to Diversity and were one of the sponsors of the event.

At the last minute our Head of Studio thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce Mum Jam at the event. As I am a mum he thought it was better that I did it rather than him.

Mum Jam is a game jam for anyone that wants to join in the conversation on how the gaming industry can better support women returning to work after having children.

We recognise it’s not just mum’s that struggle with balancing work and family life, as dads and carers also face similar challenges.
Mum Jam will be taking place over a weekend and we are offering free onsite childcare to make it accessible to all. We hope everyone will have fun making games and new friends.

We hope Mum Jam will raise more awareness in the changing needs of women throughout their careers and how companies can better support women in returning to work and raising children.

I only had one day to prepare an introduction speech, arrange a stand, flyers and cupcakes. Our Studio Art Director helped with all the artwork thankfully!

It was quite a daunting experience to stand on a stage with a microphone and a pretty big audience. I had prepared a script but in the end I free-styled and this made me realise that it’s best not to overthink things too much and if you’re truly passionate about something you will say the right things.

I also kept my eye on our Head of Studio for moral support, which is a tip I learnt from the Public Speaking workshop and would recommend people doing if they are new to public speaking.

Rovio also had a stand at the event and it was great to meet some of the conference attendees. By having a presence there I got the chance to listen to some of the challenges that mums face when returning to work and how they juggle working and childcare.

By understanding their challenges better, I will be able to be of better service to both Rovio and their prospect candidates.
A part of recruitment is fully understanding human needs and the exposure given at the Women in Games Conference has been invaluable.

I have been recruiting into tech and gaming for most of my career and diversity has always been top of the agenda, mainly how we can encourage more women into the industry and retain them.

I love to be part of events like Women In Games and was very proud to get the opportunity to speak and introduce a great diversity initiative on behalf of Rovio.

*Blog update – Rovio’s Mum Jam has been cancelled.

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