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Games Workshop Q&A

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges facing game development studios. In an industry full of highly skilled, incredibly mobile creative people, attracting (and keeping hold) of the best is a pretty big challenge.

3 Millennial Founders To Follow In 2018

Each year the Next Gen Summit connects some of the brightest Millennials in the world. The great minds that attend are all working on some of the hottest startups in technology, education health and more.

7 Mistakes That Kill Startups

In one way, there is just one mistake that will kill a start up. It’s something simple but yet so tricky.

The 5 Sprints of Agile Recruitment for Start Ups

As a Partner, I usually work with and manage up to 4 clients (start up size can vary from 20-50) at any one time. This means I can be managing anywhere from 10-15 product and engineering roles.

Encouraging Women in Technology

Women in technology has been an ongoing conversation for a long time but it has recently intensified due to stories arising from larger start ups.

What Should The Candidate-Recruiter Relationship Look Like?

Recruitment agencies and embedded talent partners like derive their revenue from the clients they serve. However, to be an effective recruiter, it’s important to cultivate and nurture both client and candidate relationships. turns 4 and reflects on key learnings turns 4 and reflects on key learnings Posted on 30th June 2017 June is a special month for us because it’s our birthday! This time 4 years ago we launched to help startups build great teams and staffing practice in Europe. We recently set off on our 5th year...

How To Communicate With Developers When Recruiting

The Best Way To Communicate With Developers When Recruiting And How Not To Mess It Up Posted on 12th June 2017 According to a 2015 Stack Overflow survey, the best way to communicate with developers when recruiting is by email. Out of 26,086 respondents, 65% of...

Considerations When Scaling Your Startup

After working with companies like Skype and Google, we’ve learned a thing or two about scaling startups successfully. At the heart of successful scaling is effective decision making.

Founder Matt Talks About Founding & More

When Founder Matt Ellis isn’t obsessing over finding world class techies; you’ll find him adding another checked shirt to his wardrobe, snapping street art, or reading about the next gaming studio.

Are Supercell The Worlds Hottest Games Company?

The “tablet first” creators of hit games Clash of Clans and Hay Day was founded by a team of industry veterans with an incredible record and is certainly proving to be the games company everybody in the industry is watching.

Europe’s Startup Scene Has A New Hiring Partner

With experience managing hiring teams and programmes directly for some of the worlds largest technology companies including Skype, Google and Microsoft, Scede launch to help founders, investors and technology leaders get ahead in the war on talent.